Choose professionals for snow removal from your roof in Montreal or Laval

Roof snow removal in Montreal and Laval

In general, a well-constructed roof doesn’t require snow removal because the structure is capable of supporting a significant amount of weight. However, when unusually large amounts of snow and ice accumulate, it’s important to act quickly to minimize the risks of your roof becoming damaged or even collapsing.

Likewise, when ice storms or temperature fluctuations form ice on your roof, it can prevent water from draining off the way it should. Even if your roof is waterproof, this accumulated water increases the risk of leaks and other damage. This is why, under certain circumstances, it’s very important to have the snow removed from your roof.

What your roof may be telling you

Whether your roofing consists of shingles, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), an elastomeric membrane or some other type of material, proper maintenance is essential. There are certain signs that your roof may need snow removal services in addition to preventive maintenance. You should have your roof inspected if unusual noises are coming from your ceiling or if you’re having trouble opening your doors. Another possible sign of trouble is the appearance of cracks in the ceiling. These problems may be insignificant, but for the sake of your peace of mind, it’s worth finding out exactly what’s going on.

How to remove snow from a rooftop

Le déneigement à Montréal ou Laval est un travail délicat. Pour éviter d’abîmer la toiture, il faut utiliser des outils spéciaux. Aussi, la neige est glissante et peu camoufler de la glace, c’est donc toujours risqué d’exécuter le déneigement de toiture.

The ideal solution is to call on experienced professional roofers like us. We can evaluate the condition of your roof and, at the same time, remove the snow in compliance with regulations, using the proper tools. We not only have the necessary experience and equipment to perform this type of work, but also have full insurance coverage. Our workers are tethered at all times and are accustomed to removing snow from rooftops.